From planning to post-production

The knitwear factory ANNA MAGLIERIE operates with the most innovative technologies created by Shima Seiki ® and offers complete support for every step of the product’s manufacturing.

For the CREATING step, the factory designs with Shima Seiki APEX 3 computer which, through realistic virtual simulations, manages to give a clear idea of how the final product will look like, in terms of yarns, colours, manufacturing and wearability. All this conveys a considerable reduction of prices and times.

The factory uses internally only Shima Seiki machines by gauge 3 to 14.
The DSCS system (digital stitch control system) verifies the yarn’s thickness and keeps it within a 1% tolerance, gaining supervised dimensions.

After this step follows the REALISATION of the machine’s program and the creation of the first prototype, which will be approved by the client before the elaboration of sizes and the manufacturing of the effective production.

Each phase is carried out internally, and each garment is treated with the attention and care given by the artisan tradition, to create a product that transmits in the best way the quality of the “Made in Italy” brand and that matches our customers’ demands.